I have many times wanted to grasp the happiness of gravel

15 Feb 2012

I had thought this world is false, many people of commitment is just insignificant of lies, once and once, does not know why, obviously themselves is silly, is adhere to refused to recognized Buying wow gold, obviously is he do wrong something, is adhere to to forgive, many when, obviously wanted to cry of when is cannot cry, had to suppression live tears, tears destined to cheap, has how many people to know, a drops tears hosted has how many distressed, cover has how many times pain, I does not wanted to laugh, only hope in laugh of when pain will disappeared has, as I of happy is value.
I have many times wanted to grasp the happiness of gravel, but I don’t know, you catch more, happiness spread more quickly. To tell you the truth, I never believe what representatives happy four-leaved clover, Ferris wheel, that only live in the heart of the myth, I also missed a few of the past, are too scared to try to think about, fearing more memories, missed more of the plot, the more my heart. Simply, just in front of everything, regardless of whether it leads to is a splendid outcome.
Life in the, will missed many, course also will met many, has homes is was, not addiction Yu a has pan yellow of past, after all that is initially has, in I lonely of when, I will read a text: everyone of exists will has value, may she life road since began since end accompany she together go of not same personal, but please remember, she life road, will was accompany she together go down, a, two batch. Only by abandoning himself to the world, the world is not abandoning anyone. Others Miss, you encounter, you are missing, people will encounter.

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