Sad look back harder to laugh laugh so heart is reversed

7 Feb 2012

Sad look back harder to laugh, laugh so heart is reversed. Does not matter after another is not a flow between the wound, flowing in the air, who that wind does not lower mulberry, does not take the pain of Buy WOW Gold eu depression.
I do not have a fulcrum, so-called no place to himself to rely on, doesn’t matter the time gorgeous, because she just stand far away landscapes, cannot be changed, piercing now empty yourself like a burden, air filled with the humble, and always will be so weak, so sad, unable to land reform, simply because fury the world, cut off in the ink.
Telescope steep peaks, just add a few dignitaries, jiaoyang Lamping care in my eyes for a few minutes. There is only masked the billowing smoke in the distance, used to look up, then sad spreading and systemic, the wind has always read, far out in the world can cut my nostalgia of the past, everything is patched up, through the who that belongs to them.

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