Had drop slope encountered has city mountaineering

12 Jan 2012

Daianji rested after a moment, then walked down the steps to the Summit, mountaineering is a hard process, along the steps levels and on the road, more steep, was first to the excitement, little by little Buy RS Gold, being replaced by panting, at this time, had no time to browse the scenery along the, carefully move the feet, slowly climb to the Summit.
Had drop slope, encountered has city Mountaineering Association of one friends, with is mountaineering, we will chat has up, I said you each log a seat Summit, heart of feel is does not as of ’s, he said, is Ah, mountain although different, but has is is same of, that is they is has spiritual of, you is to climbing it, and is not to conquered it, you should understanding it, and it cross friends, as you to taste mountain of tough and deep.Yeah understood it, to make friends with it, a mountain, the difficulties encountered in the work and study, I think that should be treated like this.
Looking at the quiet mountain, I saw, a friend told me about a mountain of Qing-ling, water rivers. When I go into your arms feel is, your concentration determination of the kind of beauty in Ling Qing dynasty.
Qianshan, you most Miss not your beautiful peaks, but who silence in the mountains of implies that eternal, unchanging tenacity and depth.

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