Song phone all at once delete think of the change in mood

24 Dec 2011

Always like daze, likes to spend lot of time is not a serious thing, in fact, young life is very short, days of trance is a handful. A lot of good things, always staying in those regrets, always did not have to, or regret are the most valuable. People, it should be is so contradictory.
Also always stuck in one place, have hovered always hopes to be able to find something, always looking forward to be able to remember what starting point, but ultimately was in vain.
Song phone all at once delete, think of the change in mood, but continue to download now, or that one, perhaps some get used to things, is always so hard to change, perhaps like you.
Such a dreary winter, fallen wood desolate, flowers, wandering in an icy edge of night, wandering alone, in flashed lights that Flash, do you wish to appear before my eyes and saw ruobai said his city began to become empty, I laugh, the town is empty, am I your heart is empty, the answer is no. After all is just self-deception.

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