Whenever the clock walk laps only to find the page numbers

29 Nov 2011

Remember, when night comes, it is customary at the end of holding the great big read. Taste literary brings of that copies innocence, totaling author thought of deep problem: will due to Yu Qiuyu on literature dilemma structure and contemplation literature phenomenon, will due to bi Shumin’s on cracked happiness password and feeling reality life, will due to Li Hall Yoshiko on calm and resistance was live lonely, will due to Zhou Guoping on life philosophy thought and review life guidelines Cheapest WOW Gold, will due to Yang Yu of song Word interpretation and lament Li Qing-Zhao’s of brilliant sth sth Gradually, I fell in love with a rich philosophical book, falls in love with quiet nights. Each night, lamps to give evidence, holding the book as if it were carrying his beloved people, gently lift the veil of her mysterious, quietly enjoying her body Fengying, enjoying the spirit she brings me joy. At that moment, no fatigue, no upset, not lonely.
I do not know when, restless wandering in my heart, do not know why, loneliness and the intolerable lingering in my bed pillow. Over the years, I imagine, suffering, sentimental fantasy that impulse is just a moment, suffering this dream brings loss. However, the illusion and suffering for a long time one can I get rid of that entanglement of quiet, helpless, lost and powerless again pretends to be a man with a calm, steady, my heart as you charming elegance, she captured because the connotation of landscape for you. Many portray your pillow at night with a wisp of thought, so worshipped in that landscape of longing in a crush on you.
Now, every night comes, is still used to lean on a bedside holding Tome read it. Whenever the clock walk laps, only to find the page numbers spread out pages to stay in the first open, it turns out that book is no longer my innocence, but your charming elegance for me to play. At one time I tried to shake off the shackles of reverie, I thought the goal really is a dream, a dream will wake up, I’m confused, I’ve struggled, I tried, I insist, it turns out that all the trouble were in vain, against the bed every night when lying, unable to shake away your charming elegance to reverie for me. I’m not cheat his conscience, I have fallen into habits pillows you sleep the abyss–a crush on you, and each night has a daydream, a crush on you, every night is no longer alone.

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