And I’m not sure it was a ruthless snow

29 Nov 2011

Quietly, wants to leap that never touch the arc, Compass stop at that moment, until I arrived at the other side … ARC, the other side of what? Before I didn’t make that step, I fancy, Beautiful flowers, shade trees, fell into the cherry took breath? Representatives of all good words began to fill my heart! Front of the arc, Doors to the fans seemed to dust a long time to appear in front of me, Open it, run on the inside! Suddenly emerge, blinking light, Light white, elegant, white, asphyxia, white, almost perfect! And I’m not sure it was a ruthless snow, Stump flying in June in his heart of snow White, open in front of everything! Wind whistling me, snow on the soles of my feet scroll! Suddenly think of a story, replaced by tears with no heat, But until the tears have dried up, blood flow, I just put the dot in the hands of snow melted!

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