Whether it is love or friendship

21 Nov 2011

It should be deleted and memory I know Deletion is not possible to say! But absolutely can’t let it affect my life now sth be used
Because then you’ll like a slow suicide!
Perhaps your situation very good ~ very happy ~ comfortable sth But one day you might be the last of a small paragraph and obstruct your happiness be used
You lose yourself? Even decadence ~ this is not related to sth be used
But please keep in mind that care love you around don’t hurt someone As they themselves have left you a personal space sth They worried about you, help you, to share their happiness with you, and you share the sorrow used;
So when you’re not sure what you should never have made commitments ….
Whether it is love or friendship!
Because don’t want you are saddled with debt is still unclear which sth be used forever
Uncertainties do not give a positive answer!
Remember don’t deceive yourself




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