Short hair fluttering in the breeze accompanied by a slow moving pace

21 Nov 2011

Only life, and I had a chip, hands up, transfer World Of Warcraft Gold are reporting points, my fair play has come to a close, long ago seen in the book in a Word, that moment emerge.
Guitar Association of lead singer interview the same day, I hesitate to linger in front of the activity center, up to a failure of iambic pentameter voice from the inside out. I probe in the crowd waiting to see a girl with short hair, was making every effort to have singing fish LEONG “Ningxia”, but that moment passing in my ear is not iambic pentameter auditory pollution, but Captivate hearts sing.
That is, every day at the staircase on the girl’s dormitory or big girls you see on the slopes. Is note she is because she has ordinary appearances is different from other people’s feet. Every time she was always a man, walking slowly, dragging the action invariant feet, consistently linked with a smile on his face. It is the most beautiful girl, the strongest girl.
Short hair fluttering in the breeze, accompanied by a slow moving pace of carrying large shoulder bag, scheduled every day through a big slope, level staircase, but always light up, the corners rise. Did not know what do girls had experienced under the optimistic smiles ruin, but her smile made me admire, so I envy.

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