All pull our heartstrings song cleanse our minds of the bible

21 Nov 2011

Water, due to variations in his temperament, mood are different, all have different tastes. Static product before they can access refreshed. In the eyes of scholars, water is soft WOW Gold, so they often water and tenderness of love long linked to endless love. Water is long, seems to love last forever; water twists and turns, the road to happiness full of hardships like love; deep of water, as if love is deep far-reaching; fluctuation of water, like the ups and downs of love waves. In the eyes of a philosopher, water sports, figure out that is the philosophy of life.Confucius said, “Kawakami said, fortelling no end may, day and night”, an exclamation point is the life limited infinity of the universe. Mencius said: “the people of Judah under the water, copious who can of Royal” guest people like water, no one could resist. On Xun Zi’s relation to political power and the people, to leave future generations a thought-provoking epigrams: “water boat, water the boat”. Laozi? He said, “Let not weak to water”, see water “monensin Imperial” power. Tsz Wan Shan grey, water out, reading water, significant.
Poetic journey of landscapes, modern writers inherits the excellent cultural tradition, and has added new contents of the era. Taiwan famous poet Yu Guang-Zhong’s in nostalgia four rhyme under in the wrote: “to I a gourd Yangtze River water Ah Yangtze River water/wine as of Yangtze River water/drunk of taste/is nostalgia of taste/to I a gourd Yangtze River water Ah Yangtze River water sth sth” in here, author borrowed Yangtze River this unique images, Express has he that cannot suspension of subtle of sad, expression has on home and relatives of deep Miss, and eager to Strait early unified of strongly wishes. Deep nostalgia, stirring, pushing tears.
We really think about landscape to close, it came with a three in pious worship to read to. To the thousand year old trees, small tender young grass, high to the top into the cloud peak, low to the canyons that hosts the streams flowing; to that stretch out mountain farm, raising micro-to the Crescent mountain soil … All pull our heartstrings song; cleanse our minds of the Bible. People who love life, love nature, full of talent read the color of landscape, a landscape of charm, so as to enjoy the bright taste of landscape and cleanness of fun. That silent silent landscape represents the essence of nature, and we claim to dominate the lives of people, compared with just a bunch of shallow creeks. Vast sea, passer-by, Castle Peak still, River to the East. A little impetuous, more silence, Don ‘ t expect in a noisy place in waves, but in the quiet Jiqing to landscape. Read mountain water play over life, as well as a transcendent realm.




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