Who is after all the higher animal inclines

14 Nov 2011

Life only once, although everyone’s life after all, is inseparable from the bondage of parabola.
But can the Sun blazing like a ball of fire, the Sun at high noon, able men tied down to a routine post, have a great ambition.
I often wonder what I really want to pursue, what I really want to get.
Searching, circles around, but found that desire is not controlled, hearts are bigger, it’s not just a bottomless pit as simple as that.
But I lost, always get more, sheets with a desire to do bait blueprints spread out in front of me, selfless pursuit, to strive, to get out.
If there is a real tired and hurting when found, reputation, matter, desire, vain glory, honour, applause and flowers.
I’m truly lost, is the joy in life.
I have been writing articles alone, and finally one day, I wrote myself in the car.
Who is after all the higher animal inclines, to what, what do they get.
Appearance, generation generation has become beautiful.




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